Getting started . . .
The first step is to call. I'll listen to your concerns as I gather basic information about you and your space. There is no charge for this call. When you're ready, we'll schedule an in-home assessment.

SchedulingSchedule an appointment!
Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Understanding that your schedule may not allow a session during the week, I'm flexible and willing to work with you on the weekend.

Initial assessment - approximately 1 hour
This is done in your home. I ask that you do not straighten things up before the assessment. Seeing the areas in their "natural" state will help me gain insight into how things work at present and where changes are needed.

  • We'll discuss which areas you need help with, explore your vision for the space, discuss what currently works and what does not work, and I'll make recommendations.
  • Once I see your project, I can identify the types of organizational supplies you'll need. My preference is to purchase supplies to have on hand when needed. Any items purchased and not placed for use in your home will be returned and credited back to you. I also like to use items you already have on hand when possible.
  • Hands-on organizing sessions - generally lasts 5-7.5 hours (with a 4-hour minimum)
    Organizing is either a collaborative process or a turnkey service. Together we decide which approach is the one for you.
  • You need to be on site to make decisions as needed. You will decide which items should be kept, donated, tossed or shredded. If you are not looking for a turnkey service then the more we work together the better! It's best if interruptions are kept to a minimum.
  • I'm frequently asked if you'll have to "throw everything away." No - only those things you're ready to part with. Letting go can be difficult, so I'll guide you while making these decisions. One thing I like to do is take photographs of items that you're having a particularly difficult time getting rid of so you'll always have the photo after the item's gone.
  • Once we see what remains, I'll help you find the right "home" for your items and determine an efficient use of your space.
  • Organizing is a learned skill that I'm there to help you master. Staying organized is a matter of thinking differently and creating new habits and behaviors. Being organized is a practice that requires regular involvement to maintain. I can help you learn to maintain and you can hire my services for regular checkups if needed.

Shopping for supplies
You can purchase the supplies (totes, bins, baskets, dividers, etc.), or I can do that for you. If I purchase them, I'll invoice you for purchases less any returns and you can reimburse me. I don't mark anything up. You will only pay for my shopping time at my regular hourly rate. I encourage you to browse a few of my favorite organizing web sites that have links on my "Tips to Share" page.

Cancellation policy
I require a 48-hour cancellation notice for both the initial consultation and/or scheduled organizing service. The full amount of time booked will be charged if this notice is not given. I will be happy to reschedule any appointments that must be canceled with sufficient notice.

All fees are due and payable at the end of each organizing session. Cash and checks are accepted, with checks made payable to "3D Organizing!"

I follow NAPO's Code of Ethics and maintain strict confidentiality when working with clients. My business is based on trust and integrity with one goal in mind - giving you the respect and attention you deserve.

Bottom line, how much is accomplished and the cost depends on the time, participation and commitment you're ready to make. I work within your budget, your schedule, and your comfort level. During the session I will provide direction, insight and the necessary procedures so you can continue the process on your own.


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